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  • 22 Secrets Of Disney Park That Every True Fan Should Know

    Walt Disney had an amazingly creative and genius mind. Around the world, he is considered to be the father of cartoons and rich imagination. His creations are still watched and admired by millions around the globe. He was the founder of The Walt Disney Company and the brainchild of one of the greatest attractions of […] More

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    This Girl Was Mind Blown After She Met Her Twin Stranger

    Three friends from Ireland set out to find their doppelgangers over the internet. They challenged themselves to find the people that look exactly like them but are not related to them in any way, in less than a month. After three weeks, Niamh, one of the three members found a girl from London, England that […] More

  • Perfectly Timed Photos That Give Coincidence A Whole New Meaning

    Well, you see timing is the most important thing when it comes to photos. With good timing you get a perfect shot, a perfect pose and a perfect smile. There are a lot of photos that have everything to do with timing but this collection wins beats them all ! After checking out the following […] More

  • 20 Abandoned Places On Earth That Will Take Your Breath Away [Part 2]

    1. Victorian-style tree house, Florida, USA 2. Turquoise Canal, Venice, Italy 2 Much the same as some other city, territories of Venice are blocked and deserted. When offering access to the shoreline, the walkway that joined this staircase to the bluffs has long since rotted away. 3. Tree growing around an abandoned bicycle 4. The […] More

  • Watch This Gorilla Scaring The Crap Out Of Everyone At The Zoo

    Well, now we know where the uprising of apes will originate from, it is Omaha. The visitors and guests of the Omaha zoo got more than what they paid for. The visitors were annoying the gorilla and this gorilla didn’t took the jokes that politely and he went all crazy on these people. The huge […] More

  • 22 Most Annoying Things That Ever Happened To Humanity

    Well, I find no shame in admitting that I’m a control freak. If I see something out of its place, it creeps me out more than it should. It can be as silly as a misplaced tile that doesn’t match the pattern. You might agree with me or you might think it’s a bit too […] More

  • 20 Abandoned Places On Earth That Will Take Your Breath Away

    Looking at the surface of land on earth, one would realize we only occupy a small portion of it. The rest is either abandoned by a few hundred years back or simply inhabitable. Digging deeper at some of the abandoned placed; we find a lot of abandoned places that are so beautiful and breathtaking and […] More

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