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  • Adorable Pun Illustrations From Objects Around Us (By Heng Swee Lim)

    The puns, also known as paronomasia, is kind of or a form of word play in which two or more meanings are suggested by exploiting or using multiple meanings of different words or words that sound similar to each other. Puns are a very funny and hilarious way of communicating or sending a message to […] More

  • 25 Panoramas Fails That Are Disturbing But Awesome

    Panoramas, also known as panos, are the coolest feature that comes with these new smartphones. You can take more than one pictures and combine them to form a single, longer picture of that. It is a very interesting concept. This way, you can take pictures of sceneries and beautiful places and make a single image […] More

  • The 25 Most Outrageous Books That Exist In Reality

    Has it ever happened to you? You go to a bookstore and you are just roaming through the titles of the books and you stumble upon one that has a real weird title and you are actually intrigued to check what could possibly be written in this book? Well, you might have found some real […] More

  • 15 Brilliant Things That School Didn’t Teach You

    This world is full of fascinating and interesting things that we ought to learn about. We, as children, learn most of the stuff in our school life but there is a lot of other stuff that they never teach us at school. This is what we call, the practical life. When you get older, you […] More

  • 15 Hilarious Notes that Will Leave You Confused

    Funny and hilarious notes from people you don’t know are the best. It never gets old. It shows the creativity and non-seriousness from some people. Most of them are complaints or notes from a neighbor in stress or dissatisfaction. Some of the people take it seriously while others do not take it that seriously and […] More

  • 15 Things That Fits So Perfectly, The OCD In You Will Be Pleased

    We, as humans, can be satisfied very easily. Sometimes we don’t even notice the simplest things around us that can actually make our day. One of such examples, is the proper fitting of things. We all struggle with imperfection in our daily life but when we happen to stumble upon some coincidental perfection, it is […] More

  • 20 Celebrity Transformations That Will Leave You Shocked

    Change is inevitable. Everything transforms and changes its body, size and shape. It take time but everything goes through the process. Now, take that concept and apply it on human. You saw someone a few years ago and now when you meet them, you find it difficult to actually recognize them because of the changes […] More

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