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  • 29 Pets that Love Pizza More than Life — Hide Your Slices Everyone

    Pizza is the best thing that ever happened to mankind. They are simple, delicious and the best food item that anyone could get their hands on. I don’t know about you people out there but for the person like me, I love Pizzas so much that if I am asked to eat nothing but pizza, […] More

  • Surprise Cakes Are Too Good to be True

    You don’t find many people who hate cake, basic reason for that is, cakes are awesome. Cakes come in different flavors and colors that provide the wide the range of variety for everyone to pick the cakes that suits their taste buds, the best. Cakes come in different sizes and styles, too. Whether you have […] More

  • Tattoo Cover Ups that Went from Improvements to Total Hilarity

    Getting a tattoo on your body is one of the biggest decision you regarding your body. Getting a tattoo requires a lot of planning and commitment because tattoo are, most likely, going to stay there on your body for the rest of your life. Well, after you’ve got a tattoo on your body and want […] More

  • You’re a Genius if You Can Guess Why These 34 Sign Even Exist

    Ever came across a sign post or sign board that makes no sense, at all? They are funny and hilarious, to say the least. But, sometimes they are so awkward and weird that you start questioning their very existence at the spot. The authorities should take these away because they are pointless, or they can […] More

  • 19 People Who Became Creative Geniuses In Times Of Desperation

    Every person in this universe goes through some serious desperate times. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Well, they also say that need is the mother of invention. Whenever, we find ourselves in conditions that are not suitable or do not meet our needs, we have to think out of the box and do the […] More

  • The Most Hilarious, Yet True, Differences between Men and Women

    Men vs Women! The comparison is the best ever. It is hilarious how we differ in our basic approach to life yet fail to live without each other. From taking pictures to relationships the basic psyche differs in many ways. It is funny how one simple thing for one gender has an entirely different meaning […] More

  • These Drinking Hacks will Give a Big Boost to your Nights

    We have heard the saying which goes like ‘Need is the mother of creation’. It simply means that when you need something to be done and it is something that you have to do for yourself, you find ways to make it happen. You become creative and let your creativity find its way leading to […] More

  • This Make-Up Artist Is So Amazing He Can Transform Himself Any Celebrity

    Make-up and beauty is a hot topic over the internet these days. On Instagram, there are numerous make-up artists that transform their faces and post selfies over their pages or links. The discussion about this topic is endless, let alone the techniques that people use to do it. It has become a craze among people […] More

  • 10 Hipsters That Needs To be Stopped Right Now

    Well, first of all, there are way too many hipsters in this world. Sometimes, they are funny and hilarious while some put you off with their weird and uniquely awkward attempts at life. It is not difficult to find them as they are everywhere, in every society and in every corner of the world creeping […] More

  • 14 Celebrities That got Caught On Spot

    A peek or a stare, it is always funny when you get caught doing so. It is most embarrassing and hilarious thing that can happen to person, who out of lust or carelessness gets his/her eyes stuck on something hot or beautiful. What about the celebrities? Don’t they stalk or stare? Well, yes they do. […] More

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